Help us give a loving home to stray and abandoned animals



Most animals come to us with “excess baggage” problems and experiences that they need to put behind them. With plenty of “TLC” we are usually, in most cases, able to achieve this aim and in the fullness of time when the right opportunity arises, re-home. We presently have 4 dogs, 14 cats in our care, some of which have been with us for several years, and others have joined us more recently:-

Name Breed Age
Blitz Greyhound 3 years
Buddy Greyhound 5 years
Frankie Staffie Cross 9 years
Shannon X-Breed 7 years
Name Breed Age
Alice Grey & White 1 year
Autumn Tortoiseshell 3 years
Bubble Tortoiseshell 2 years
Cassie Black & White (Long Haired) 4 years
George Black 1 year
Pepper Black 1 year
Sheldon White & Tabby 1 year
Simon White & Tabby 14 months
Tabitha Tortoiseshell 8 months
Thomas Tabby & White 2 years

The aim of the sponsorship scheme is to supplement the monies raised from our other fund raising activities. By agreeing to sponsor one of these animals you will not be expected to take on the full financial burden of the animal. All that we ask is a commitment to donate on a regular basis by pledging whatever you feel able; as little as £1.00 per week would be greatly received. On our part we will endeavour to keep you fully briefed on the progress of your adopted animal and with luck be able to report many happy endings.

To sponsor an animal or for more information please contact:

You can also help in other ways:

  • Offer a home to one of the animals or volunteer as a dog walker
  • Donations of goods, bric-a-brac, books etc. are always appreciated
  • Items for Tombola and Raffle prizes are always required
  • Items of furniture & electrical goods are also accepted