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Alice Kitten's Story | Part 1

Alice is one of the litter of five which were signed over to the rescue early in the year. Four were quickly homed but Alice was being assessed by her vet as she had a strange head wobble and some uncoordinated movements. She was otherwise an enchanting little girl, full of life and very active but requiring certain restrictions for her safety. She moved in with me in March and began a long process of veterinary assessment which finally resulted in a diagnosis of a vestibular problem which causes the head movements which has improved hugely as she has grown and is mostly evident if she becomes very excited, and a further diagnosis of type 2 rickets for which she is on a raft of medication. Prior to her diagnosis her vet circulated a video of her on an international veterinary consultation website so little Alice has had her fifteen minutes of fame!

Alice is now nearly 7 months old and my household has been adapted to fit around her as she could risk bone fractures from falls or even rough play with the dogs. She is very small and will never be a big cat, is very active and bright and frankly rules the house and all in it!

She has made a friend of Molly, one of my old adopted Otterspool cats who spends a lot of time with her, mainly because Alice has treats and food with her medication a few times daily and has an abundance of toys, all of which Molly loves. Alice will have to be a house cat but leads a happy and active life with lots of stimuli. She is still undergoing regular treatment and tests because of the rickets, this being a period of rapid growth and bone formation in young animals.