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Cattery Building Works

You may recall reading in our last newsletter about the building works which were taking place at our cattery in order to create a new kitchen/store area where we will be able to prepare the cats feeds and medication as required as well as having somewhere to wash the dishes etc. and store food & litter away from the main cat pens thus giving us more space to work in.

We are pleased to report that this new facility was completed in early April and is now being put to good use. The building has its own water supply originating from the house which was very cleverly installed without the need to excavate the whole of the garden. A mechanical mole working on compressed air dug under the garden and then dragged the new water pipe back through the ground.

P.S. Note the cat flap in the wall at the side of the main door, the builders found this quite amusing when asked to provide an access point for the two cats that live freely in the cattery area.

Thanks, for a good job well done, go to our building contractors; J. R. Foy & Son of Stockport.