Help us give a loving home to stray and abandoned animals


Otterspool News

We get many phone calls asking for help, there are certainly more cats than dogs needing help as besides the fact that people don't get then neutered it is a lot easier to move house and leave them behind. Also if there owners get fed up with them and stop feeding them cats are very resourceful and will often move on and find someone who will feed them!

This was the situation a lady that contacted us found herself in as she started to feed a stray cat in her garden. In time the cat produced kittens which were now about six weeks old. Fortunately the lady had managed to get them into her house. We have no space for cats at the moment but told her that we would gladly get the cat neutered for her so that it would not produce any more kittens but she would have to take it back as we have no where for it. We also said we would try to re home the kittens directly from her or bring them in when a space became available.

In the end the lady was happy with the arrangement and the cat that she has called Poppy is now at the vets to be neutered. We hope to bring the kittens in soon. When people contact us at this time of year about cats in gardens they are understandably worried about the cold winter weather that is ahead. However if we have no where to house them we can at least help by getting them neutered to stop further suffering for the litters they would produce.

We will always help people with the neutering of cats and indeed dogs, if necessary. This to us is money well spent to cut down on the thousands of unwanted pets in this country.