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Rocky's Story | Part 5

Rocky Yorkie is now 11 years old, this information pieced together from what little we were told by his previous owner’s son. He likes to behave like an elder statesman most of the time, settles himself on the comfiest cushions on the sofa, checks all the food bowls before starting his own meal and likes to sit on the back seat of the car. He challenges my two young daxi boys, especially if they are annoying him by throwing toys around or getting too rough in play, and I am always astonished how quickly they calm down!

Of course there are times when he decides to join in with them and the three of them have a mad playtime. He totally ignores the cats but is also quite respectful if they do invade his space – or food bowl – and will leave them to it.

He has a fan base in France where my son and his wife live and they require regular updates on him. They were staying over here when he came into the rescue and fell in love with him. Rocky loves meeting other dogs, big and little, and is very friendly towards them, however, he has decided that there are at least two very young dogs on our road who need to know who is boss and he has soundly trounced a little French bulldog and a sweet little whippet. Naughty boy!

This little man has had a few minor health problems but is generally fit and well and living the ‘good life’ which he deserves, hopefully for many years to come.