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Alice Kitten's Story | Part 3

Alice Kitten is now 18 months old, full of character, bright, alert and continuing to explore her environment, done with some caution as she can still get very easily spooked and react badly. Rain storms and hail on the roof can cause her some distress as she cannot gauge where the sound and movement come from. For that reason she has to remain a house cat but has lots of stimuli in the form of toys, the other animals and occasional visitors.

Other than that she has maintained her weight, is very active and her calcium levels have remained stable. She is still having Vitamin D and all her tests indicate she is absorbing it well. Alice doesn’t like old cats and can be quite aggressive with them although she is about less than a quarter of their size! She does like my daxi boys however and I am working on a brief and gradual introduction in very carefully controlled circumstances but NEVER NEVER risk prolonged or unsupervised contact. I probably wouldn’t have started it yet until I accidentally left the kitchen door open and realised she was joining in the queue for treats. I have to say I was in the words of the song ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’!

She has overcome a great deal and like little man Rocky is now getting the good life she deserves.