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Hot Off The Press

As this newsletter was about to go to print we received a call about a mother cat with four young kittens who desperately needed to find a place of safety, fortunately for them we had a spare pen and we were able to accept into our care Charlotte and her four, five week old, kittens. There are two boys and two girls. This new family had been taken into the vets and we were told that they had been found in a garden shed. They obviously now need a lot of TLC before they can set out into the big wide world and so it will be at least another four weeks before they are ready to go to new homes.

We normally limit our rescue work to cats and dogs as we do not have the facilities to keep other pets. However when a notice was put up in our charity shop TWO BUDGIES FREE WITH CAGE we were naturally concerned about where they could end up. We contacted Sue one of our volunteers who has an aviary and asked if she could take them. Sue willingly said yes so we made arrangements to collect the budgies and are happy to say that they have settled in well with the two existing residents in the aviary.