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Winston's Words

Hello friends,

it’s Winston here, stretched out comfortably on the settee as I write this (fortified by a little beef jerky,
to aid concentration). I hope you enjoyed Christmas - I certainly did. I was so excited when our tree went up, with all
the twinkly lights and could hardly contain myself when I saw the pile of presents beneath it! I did try to take a
sneaky peek at a couple of them when Mum wasn’t looking. And then of course there’s my stocking, with all the edible gifts, but that’s hung up out of my reach!

We also enjoyed a couple of days in Leeds, at my Aunties house, where Mum and I slept on a fold-up bed which was great fun, as it was quite small and whenever I wriggled to get comfortable, Mum nearly fell out! After all the excitement of Christmas, January can seem a little dreary for some, but I like to think I can bring a little cheer into peoples lives.

On a cold, rainy January morning, we got on a bus. All the passengers were looking really fed-up. Gradually one by one, they noticed me. I was sitting on Mums knee, wearing one of my smart winter coats (the red one I think) and do you know, they all started to smile. By the time we got off at our destination, I think we must have cheered up the whole bus.

You may recall from the last newsletter that I have been thinking about a new career as a travel writer. The winter months have been rather quiet for me, but I certainly have exciting plans for the future and these include a return trip in the summer to Llandudno, where we will be staying once again at The Queens Hotel. I gave them such rave reviews after my last visit, so much so that their bookings have gone through the roof. I am reliably informed that following my recommendations, people have been trying to book, only to be told that the hotel is full!

As well as planning our holiday I have also been thinking about the next Fun Dog Show and what my outfit might be for the Fancy Dress Class. You may remember that at the last show, I entered as Sir Winston Woodruff an Elizabethan gentleman. Should I continue with the historical theme? Or should I choose a fictional character? As you know I am a great fan of mystery and detective stories - Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple - So do I draw my inspiration from there?

I also enjoy traditional stories - indeed, the other week, I was delighted when mummy Margaret from Otterspool sent me my “Cinderella” pop - up book, which I had left behind at The Blossoms all those years ago and it was found in a cupboard! So there is a wealth of characters to draw on. Of course we will have to look through our sewing basket, to find suitable fabrics and there will be all the measuring, cutting and stitching, not to mention all the fittings, before our creation is completed!

Dear readers you will have to wait until the show in April to find out just what our creation is! Well friends I have so much to do - come on Mum let’s get the rucksack out and have a dummy run at packing for our holidays, just to make sure we can fit everything in! Then I’ll have a little nap and dream about seaside walks, promenades, piers, seagulls, Punch & Judy, sausages, train rides and lots of adventures to come.

Until next time.