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Dog News 15/08/2017

We had been hoping for a perfect home to come along for our special boy, Harry the greyhound. He required someone to spoil him and treat him like a baby but also someone who was strong enough to hold on to him when something small and furry crossed his path!

Our dreams came true in April when Mr. and Mrs Sellars came along to meet Harry. They had given a home to one of our dogs, Big Bob, many years ago so we knew Harry’s size wasn’t a problem. Harry now has his own settee, his own bed and his own boat to go on holidays on. We are over the moon for him.

Here his a little something Harry has written himself... “Hi to all my friends at Otterspool. I’m Harry I lived at Otterspool for over a year. I have a new Mum and Dad now Ruth and Mike. I have been on holidays with Mum and Dad they have a little cruiser. We went to a place call Bugsworth at Easter. It was a long sail but Mum said I have been very good for my first time. Mum says we are going on the boat again soon I can’t wait! One night when Mum got up to go to the loo I jumped on her bed and wouldn’t get off. It was very comfy. I have two beds but Mum's was better than mine. She wasn’t happy I want to thank everyone at Otterspool for looking after me. I am glad Mum and Dad picked me. I am very happy I have my own beds but like to sleep with my Dad. I can go anywhere in the the house I like, Dad takes me lots of walks. So I am very happy. I can’t wait to go on my holidays again soon. Lots of love, woofs, barks & kisses to everyone.” Harry

Greyhounds make such lovely pets as long as there are no small furry animals in the family. We have another one looking for a home that is not quite as confident as Harry. Blitz is three years old and is looking for a special home with someone who has a lot of patience and understanding. She is a very shy girl with people until she gets to know them, however she would be happy to live in a home with another dog in fact this would probably give her more confidence. If you have a large fenced in garden where Blitz could build up a relationship with you before you took her out for walks that would be great.