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Dog News 12/03/2018

In our last newsletter we thought we had found the perfect home for Pip, our greyhound. Unfortunately though Pip had not put a foot wrong she found herself back in kennels. Sometimes things happen for the right reason as it was only a couple of weeks after Pip had returned that we received a phone call from Rick who had given a home to Rizla, a lurcher that we had some seven years ago. Rick was very sad to say that Rizla had been put to sleep and how sad he was to have lost such a wonderful boy. He was not really looking for another dog but Pip came into the conversation and he asked if he could come and see her. It wasn’t long after meeting her that Pip moved in with Rick and his family.

That was in November and Pip has made herself blissfully at home. Greyhounds make such wonderful pets as long as you don’t have cats or anything else small and furry in the house. For anyone else who would consider giving a home to one we have the lovely Buddy waiting for the right home.

With the power of Facebook we have been fortunate to rehome a few dogs without them having the stress of going into kennels. One such dog was little Eddie, the Jack Russell whose owner was no longer able to keep him in his flat. Eddie is now with a new family where he is very happy.

Another Jack Russell looking for a home is Pippa who had been taken into the vets to have her microchip read. When the owners were traced they didn’t want this poor girl. Fortunately Ellie has volunteered to foster Pippa, this is what she has to say about her; Pippa has been in foster over the weekend after being given up to us. She seems very used to being in the home environment, quickly finding herself a comfy spot for a snooze. She's a very affectionate dog who just wants to be with people, is house trained and is happy to sleep in her crate over night. Out on walks, Pippa is unsure of other doggie encounters and makes this known vocally. Pippa will need help building her confidence outside of the home. Her foster Mum has already started working on strategies to reduce this nervousness and we hope with time and stability we will see a great improvement. It's still early days for Pippa but her loving nature is already showing.”

It is always much easier to rehome small dogs and when we were asked to try to find a home for Arlo, a Chihuahua cross, we had a lot of interest in him. A home check is going ahead for him prior to this newsletter going to print and
hopefully he will have found his forever home.

In November we were contacted by a lady whose neighbour had passed away leaving his dog. Though she was able to care for the dog for a short time she was unable to keep her for the rest of her days. We went along to meet the dog who was called Nova and what a pleasant surprise we got. She was a small lurcher type of around 11 years old who had the most lovely temperament and we were sure that a home would quickly come along for her. After taking some photographs we posted them on our Facebook page and waited to see what response we got. At the same time we had been thinking about who may be suitable for Nova when Martin, Carole and Jackie came to mind as they had not long since lost their beloved older dog Bobby.

The family had recently had two kittens from us and now volunteer helping out with the cats on a weekly basis. So without further ado we made the phone call and mentioned Nova to them. Though they weren’t actively looking for another dog they were quite happy to go along and have a look in the event that something suitable came in requiring that special home. The rest of our story, or should that be Nova’s story, is history really as after the family went along to meet Nova they instantly fell in love with her and off she went to her new home in Bramhall.

She has now been in her new home for four months and really loves her walks in Bramhall Park.