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Dog News 09/03/2017

The dog situation is fairly quiet at the moment though there was one very good piece of news from last year. Freddie our wonderful lurcher had been visited nearly every weekend by Alice who had certainly fallen in love with him. Occasionally her partner, Luke, would come along with her and they would take Freddie out with his good friend Harry. When he first came along with Alice, Luke was quite indifferent to Freddie but as time went by it was obvious that Freddie was beginning to get his paws around Luke’s heart as he had with Alice. Eventually Freddie was invited for a sleepover with them. He was returned the next morning as they were going to a family meal but was collected again before the kennels closed that evening. After that Freddie never returned to the kennels and now has his paws firmly under their table. Luke said he knew all along what the plan was and luckily for Freddie he didn’t try to stop it!

Last year poor Harry had quite a hard time with a culmination of having a lot of dental work done and also being stung by a wasp. Harry was quite poorly at the time and we were very worried about him. Eventually he made a full recovery and was back to his naughty comical self. There was still a big black shadow hanging over us that Harry still had to have more dental work done on the other side of his mouth.

At the end of January Harry packed his case and went to spend a couple of nights at the vets. We are pleased to say everything went very smoothly this time and we are grateful to Audrey who had him at her house for a couple of nights to recuperate. Audrey normally has Frankie at home but we are sure Frankie wouldn’t have minded giving his settee up for a couple of nights to help his friend Harry. Harry has also spent the odd evening with Judy where he loves to sprawl out on her settee. His only wish is a settee of his own. If anyone could offer him a home with it he would be more than happy though he would not be happy to share it with any small furry things!