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Dog News 02/11/2018

Unfortunately no one really gave Frankie a second look when he was in the kennels with us, it is sad to say that most people want pretty looking dogs. It is unfair though because once he gets to know you Frankie is one of the most loving loyal companions anyone could wish for. He is not particularly good with other dogs but he isn’t really bad. Frankie would rather stay away from trouble and will keep his head down rather than confront another dog. If necessary he can look after himself but he will never start a fight. Therefore he is a pleasure to walk as long as the people you bump into have their dog under control. Some years ago Audrey one of our supporters started to take Frankie home for a few days to get him out of the kennels. Frankie loved this and in time days turned to weeks and he is now there full time. Audrey had opted to foster Frankie so Otterspool cover any vets bills necessary and also kennel him when Audrey goes on holiday.

We are still looking for a home for this very special greyhound that is very nervous around strangers. If you would like to give total commitment to a dog please consider this girl. Once you won her round she would be a wonderful companion and what a rewarding outcome it would be for both of you.

Though she is still in kennels this girl lives quite an active life with her morning ball chases which she really enjoys along with her swimming in the pool and also her visits to the hydrotherapy treadmill. Shannon is often taken for walks by volunteers and over the last five months two special people have arrived in her life, they are called Lindsay and John. Her friends take her for a long walk each weekend which normally involves a visit to the pub which we hope doesn’t lead her astray. Hopefully 2019 will see great things for Shannon as we hope it will for all the animals in our care.

Alfie is a very energetic boy who loves plenty of exercise. He is good with some other dogs but not everyone that he meets. He has obviously lived with a cat so should be okay to be rehomed with one.