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Dog News 14/08/2018

Frankie, our staffie cross who is in long term foster care with Audrey recently had two suspicious looking lumps removed which was quite a big operation for him. Fortunately these lumps turned out to be less sinister than they looked. Frankie is now over his ordeal and is back to the best of health.

In our last newsletter we received a report from Ellie who was fostering Pippa. This girl had been though quite a lot in her short life and had one or two behavioural problems. Fortunately Ellie and Nick have worked with her and have now given her a permanent home where she is much more settled and happy. Pippa has now become much more relaxed around strangers and other dogs.

You may remember from our last newsletter the story of Arlo, our Chihuahua cross, who was waiting for the results of a home check. We are very pleased to be able to report that all went well and from the feedback that we are getting from his new owners, Arlo has settled in really well with the three other dogs in his new home and has become a popular member of his new pack.

The Three Muskateers (Muskehounds)

Some of you who came to Otterspool in the early days will remember our three scoundrel jack russell’s Tag, Sammy and Winston. These three boys certainly had what you would call character!

Eventually they all managed to find very loving homes with people who knew them as they had walked them for
quite sometime and were well aware that they were far from saints. Winston was the last to be rehomed with his Auntie Julie who had been coming to walk him for years but hadn’t been able to offer him a home until she moved into suitable accommodation. Winston passed away last year and Tag some five years before.

We were very sad at the beginning of this year to hear from Clare and Peter who had adopted Sammy that he had gone to join his two friends. Sammy was if anything the more challenging of the three boys and we would like to thank them for giving him such a lovely home and some wonderful holidays. Sammy often came to visit us at our fairs and dogs shows, the last time we saw him he was looking much older but he was 19 which was a fantastic age. We are so glad that we gave this stroppy young lad the chance to live such a happy long life.

The end of an era!