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Cat News 02/11/2018

The end of July saw Jasmine go off to her new home after she had been spayed. Jasmine went off the join her three kittens that had left some four weeks before. At first Jasmine didn’t greet them with open arms but after a few days she settled back down with them and they are all once again happily living together. Her kittens have also now been neutered ensuring another four cats that won’t be adding to the cat population. We ask a minimum donation of £50 for our cats and kittens. This includes first and second vaccination, neutering and micro chipping. We feel we must put the cost up to £60 in January to cover rising costs.

Things went very quiet for a few months until September when Tiger as she has been called went off to live with the Shallcross family. Tiger was one of Sabine's kittens who were born on the 7th July, it was very daunting for her to leave her mum and brothers at first but she has now grown in confidence. Tiger enjoys nothing more than retrieving her toys.

Next to go was her brother Jax who was again very worried about his new home when he first moved in. Jax however has found a friend in the families Border collie and loves to snuggle up to her. It is amazing how quickly they can adapt and we have to be cruel to be kind when we take them away from their Mother.

For now we still have one kitten left who we have called Charlie. This little boy is full of fun and mischief. He has now been separated from his Mum who has recently been spayed and will go back to the people who brought her in as a stray in the very near future.

At the beginning of September we were asked to take in four twelve week old kittens by a family who had bought their mother as a kitten herself from a pet shop. They hadn’t given any thought to getting her neutered and consequently she gave birth to a family of four. We agreed to bring the kittens in but only if we could take their mother Ace and get her neutered. We would be wasting our time if we just left Ace to have more kittens. The owner agreed so we took Ace for her operation and returned her to them where hopefully she can live a happy life.

The kittens moved in here with us at Otterspool and it was obvious from day one that they had been very well treated and socialised. They never stopped purring and loved to be picked up and handled. Fortunately three of them have now found homes, one of them with the Donaldson family who has been named Magic and two with the Crockart family who are called Woody and Buzz. We have one little boy left called Solo just waiting for the right people to come and see him.

Evie had not been with us that long really and had it not been for the lull in homing during the holiday period she would probably have been homed before. However her time did come when Barbara and Jason who are neighbours local to the Otterspool Cattery came along to meet her. They had recently lost a tabby cat and when they saw Evie they felt it was just right to give her a home. We didn’t have far to travel to do that home check!

Georgie however had to wait quite a bit longer for Mr and Mrs Right to come and give her a home. They were in fact Mr and Mrs Jenkins who contacted us wanting a more mature cat. We told them about Georgie who was eight years old and what a lovely girl she is. At first they were put of by the fact that she had long hair but when they came to meet her they soon changed their minds. The great plus about Georgie is that she loves to be brushed so it is not difficult to keep her coat under control. Before she left us she went into the vets for a dental where she had to have one tooth removed which isn’t too bad for a cat of her age.

Scarlet is a more mature girl and would be best suited to someone who has had experience of Persians or longhaired cats. She may well come to join us here at Otterspool if a home is not found soon.

At the end of June we were asked to help with a cat that was living rough in a local back garden. Lulu as she was called had been living outside since her elderly owner had been taken into hospital before then being transferred to a care home to help get him back on his feet in order for him to eventually return home himself. He was so worried about Lulu that it was making his own health matters worse. We agreed to go along to his house to see if we could find Lulu. After just a few minutes of shouting her in the garden Lulu appeared meowing, though she wouldn’t come close at first. It took quite a bit of coaxing for us to win her confidence and for her to let us get near to her before being able to get hold of her and place her into one of our cat carriers. Once safely back in the warmth and comfort of the Otterspool cat pens, with food on hand, she happily settled down and was obviously very pleased with her new surroundings after her period of living rough. We are told that her owner is also doing well and should soon be able to return home and that he is looking forward to being reunited with his beloved Lulu.

The cats we have still waiting are Nala and Simba who are brother and sister. These two are really loving and friendly and would fit into a home with older children quite easily. Also Jackson is another very friendly boy but needs to go to a home where he can be the only child as he likes all the attention. Spice is also looking for a home on his own. This must be a quiet home without any children where he can feel relaxed and not get stressed out. As Sabine is soon due to go to her new home we are sure there is some other needy case waiting to take her place.

Please contact us if you are thinking of giving a home to a cat, though please bare in mind that we will not home on or near to main or busy roads. We will check where you live before we home with you so be sure that the area you live in is suitable before you go down the road of adoption. No roads are perfect these days but it is suicide to put a cat on a main road.