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Cat News 15/08/2017

Unfortunately we have some sad news. Billie, a very friendly puss who had been fostered by Katie, Mike and family for some time has also had to be put to sleep. It was found that he had a mass in his mouth; the kindest thing for him was to let him go to sleep. Billie had a lovely happy home with Katie and Mike and we would like to say thank you for having him.

It is difficult to know where to start with the amount of cats we have taken in over the last few months. We do however have to say how lucky we consider ourselves to have found homes for the cats and kittens we have taken in.

First of all we took in Cleo and her family of five four week old kittens. Cleo's owners had been told that their cat was a male and it hadn’t become apparent that she wasn’t until she produced five kittens. Three of her kittens were white with one black and one tabby. We thought that everyone would want the white ones but no one seemed interested with more people wanting the black one which is very unusual. Fortunately by the time they were nine weeks old all but one of the white ones had homes to go to. This little girl stayed with her Mum until the beginning of July when they both went to a home together with the Fields family who had kittens from us nearly eighteen years ago.

In between this time we received a call from a gentleman who was renovating a property he owned. A cat had turned up and had three kittens in one of the rooms. He had managed to re-home the mother and one of the kittens but still
had two kittens left. As they were old enough we got them into the vets for their first vaccinations and then they came to join us here at Otterspool. Brother and sister both black and long haired we called them Jack and Jill. Fortunately they weren’t with us long when the Scorah family came along and offered them a home. They have now been named Hex and Jinx.

Next to leave us was Hattie, we had been contacted by the Marshall family who wanted a cat that would be happy to live with two young children. Hattie was such a calm and friendly cat we thought she would be perfect and we weren’t wrong, she has settled in and made herself very much at home.

It isn’t happy endings for all the cats and dogs in our care. Princess had come into us last September. She was a frail poor looking thing then but had quite a lot of spirit and determination. She was eating well and kept well with medication. Suddenly her spirit started to fade and we felt it was time for her to say goodbye. We are happy though that we made the last months of her life as comfortable as we could.

We had received quite a few enquiries about our big boy, Noah, who was a friendly boy but could play a bit rough. It was for this reason that we wouldn’t put him in a home with small children. We received an enquiry about him from Judith and her husband who were very keen to come along and meet Noah. He showed his true colours play fighting very rough but this did not deter them. Noah has been living with them for a while now and is enjoying the freedom of going out except for getting himself stuck up a tree!

We now had a few empty cat pens but this wasn’t to be for long. We had a cry for help from a lady who had 17 cats/kittens in her house. Things were getting out of control. We couldn’t take everything at once and she did want some of them returned to her once they had been neutered.

On our first visit we brought away a six year old female, Missy, who was to be returned once neutered. Missy had given birth to many kittens during her six years. One cat, Volley, with four five week old kittens and one cat, Topsy, with four three day old kittens. Topsy only had three legs, she had been in an RTA when she had been nursing her previous litter of kittens. Fortunately Missy had taken over rearing them for her. Volley, Topsy and their kittens were to stay with us to be rehomed. Both sets of mums and babies settled in well with us, though Topsy was quite protective of hers and would growl when we went near to her with them though she never actually did anything if we touched them. This poor girl had been through so much.

A few months previously we had been contacted by Sarah who was very interested in giving our lovely boy, Tyrion, a home. Unfortunately she couldn’t take him until the end of May. We explained to her that we couldn’t keep him for two months but if he was still here when the time came we would be happy for her to have him. Fortunately for Sarah and her partner, Tyrion didn’t go anywhere and they were delighted to have him. That left us with another free space but not for long.

After she had been spayed and got over her operation we returned Missy to her home and came away with three of her nine week old kittens but two of her six month old kittens that were to be neutered and eventually go back home. The three nine week old kittens went into the vets for their first vaccinations, flea treatment and worming. They had been health checked and were ready to go off to a home. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were when Sophie and her family offered to give a home to all three of them together. They are now called Peppa, Enzo and Darcy and are ruling the house.

We always impress upon people that we will take back any animal that we have homed with them if things don’t work out. This was the case with Jasmine who had been re-homed in February with Val and her cat called Millie that had come from us some years ago. Jasmine and Millie just weren’t getting on at all so Jasmine has come back to us. Jasmine is such a lovely special girl and we hope that she can soon find her right home.

With the two cats from the home of 17, neutered, recuperated and ready to be returned we only had one last cat to neuter and return. This was Sox whom we picked up and took into the vets. Unfortunately Sox had a number of health issues that needed to be sorted out so in the end his owner decided it was better for him to stay with us where he could get the treatment he needed.

Lily had been with us for some months and a lot of people came to look at her but somehow she was overlooked. Though she seemed to hate other cats she was very friendly with people. Also her different coloured eyes made her stand out. Valerie and her husband took to Lily the moment they met her. It just shows the right home is worth waiting for.

Volley's kittens were like something off a box of chocolates and it wasn’t long before we had people wanting to adopt them as soon as their first vaccinations were done at 9 weeks. Two went together, Rusty and Dusty, and the other two made their entrance into the big world alone without mum. They have been called Milo and Poppy. All are very happy and we just have their mum now waiting for a special home.

Our other Mum, Topsy, and her family had been doing well and three of the kittens had been spoken for. The little white kitten that had not got a home to go to was full of mischief. However as he got older we noticed that he did not seem to be able to hear which can happen with white cats. We thought how nice it would be for him to go to a home with his mum as they both had a disability. We put a video of them on Facebook asking if anyone would be willing to take them together. Fortunately this video caught the eye of Charlie, the vet from Evergreen Vets at Ponyton. Charlie and her husband already have one white deaf cat plus other cats that have been in need and took their hearts. Also a very young friendly Dalmatian. We couldn’t believe our luck when we got this home for them. They are now called Peggy, Sue and Marve. Two of the other kittens have gone to a home together and one on her own.

A lot of the litters of kittens we have in have three females to one male. If these litters are not let together and not neutered it doesn’t take long for more and more unwanted litters to be produced. We always make arrangements for kittens to be neutered when they are old enough at our expense. This is to help stop the hundreds of unwanted litters that are born every year and end up living their lives in misery.

New to join us has been a cat we have now called Beryl who was found straying locally. We advertised her and thought that with her lovely nature someone would come forward for her. Sadly no one has, she is an older girl and would be happy to curl up on someone’s knee.

Also Jackson who is 10 months old. This boy is a delight but unfortunately his owners were made homeless and had to give him up. As this newsletter goes to print we have taken in two other ginger and white boys, Freddie and Spice. These two have been living quite happily outside a rented property where they have been fed. Unfortunately, a new neighbour who has moved in has taken a great exception to them being there so they have had to be moved.