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Cat News 12/03/2018

We were very sad to have to say goodbye to Mimi at the end of 2017. Mimi came into us in 2013 at the age of 16 when her owner passed away. She spent a short time in the cattery before Carole, one of our loyal supporters, offered to foster her. Mimi was on treatment for both thyroid and kidney problems but still flew around the house like a spring chicken. She was very happy with Carole and we would like to thank her for giving Mimi such happy final years.

The last cat we rehomed in 2017 was Jasmine who was the 35th cat to be homed in 2017. It took a little time for Jasmine to settle down with Oscar, the elderly cat in the house, but they now get along fine.

Things went very quiet at the beginning of this year and we wondered if we would ever home any cats at all. Fortunately we were wrong and all of a sudden we had a rush of people wanting to give our cats homes.

Beryl, a very unassuming nice natured girl, had been with us for quite sometime. A lot of people were put off her as she was older which was a shame because all she wanted was a nice comfortable home. We are very pleased to say that she found one in January and is happily settled with her new Mum. They are great company for each other.

In December we received a call from a lady about a mother cat and three big kittens that had been left behind when a neighbour moved. The cats were being fed but no one was able to get hold of them. We went along with the trap and it was fairly easy to get the first cat as they were being fed in a shed and we just put the trap in there and soon had our first cat, which was the mum. Once in the trap she was quite relaxed and was no trouble in the vets.

After being spayed she came back to Otterspool to recuperate after her operation. We had told the lady that if we were not able to handle any of the cats they would have to be returned to her. She was more than happy with this arrangement as long as she didn’t end up with a colony of cats on her doorstep.

Nancy as we called her turned out to be really friendly and craved attention. Nancy had only been with us for a couple of weeks when Lindi came along looking for a cat to join her family. As she was really taken with Nancy she asked if she could bring her husband back to meet her. Both were really smitten with her and the following weekend Nancy went of to be part of a new home. To say they are delighted with her is an understatement. It is now four weeks since she left us and she has just started to have lessons using the cat flap.

The bad weather of late has stopped us trying to trap the other three. Since their mum was trapped in the shed they have refused to venture in there even for food. We are hoping next week will give us an opportunity to trap them.

In September 2017 we were delighted to find a home for Poppy and Merlin. They had spent so much time with us it was a relief to find them a home together. Merlin had been renamed Oscar and we thought everything was going well.

In February of this year we were sad to hear from Christina, their new mum, that they would have to be returned
as her other cat had hardly been out from under the bed since Poppy and Oscar went to live there. There was no doubt that she had given things plenty of time to settle down. We never want rehome an animal at the expense of the one that is already living there being unhappy so we said we would make arrangements for Poppy and Oscar to come back.

As chance had it that very same day we received a phone call from a lady who was looking for a house cat for her daughter. We mentioned Poppy and Oscar as Oscar had not yet been outside and Poppy was more than happy to be a house cat. After speaking to her daughter the lady rang back and said that it was possible that she would give a home to two. Rather than put Poppy and Oscar through the stress of coming back to us then going out again we arranged for them to be visited in the home they were in. Though Oscar was a little nervous when they went to meet them, they were more than happy with them and we transported Poppy, Oscar, all their luggage and Helen, their new mum, and her mum to their new home that day. We have been in regular contact and they have settled really well. We could not believe how lucky they were. Christina was heartbroken to part with them but this was the best solution for everyone concerned.

Last year we rehomed Volley, the mother of one of our litter of kittens, with Merlin another cat from Otterspool. We say with Merlin there was also Karen and James in his family but Merlin was the one who had to put up with his new sister and share his home with her. Volley was renamed Ivy and things settled down quite well though when it was time for her to go out Ivy refused to use the cat flap. Merlin was in and out of it, often nipping into the Otterspool kitchen seeing what delights were available to compensate for the special diet he was on. It was surprising at one point that he could even get though the cat flap he was getting so large. However it seemed that almost over night Merlin started to lose weight.

In January he was taken into the vets and after bloods test and a scan it was found he had a growth in his intestine.
From being diagnosed Merlin went down hill rapidly and passed away at home. He was such a larger than life cat and has left a big gap in everyone’s life. Not long after Merlin had gone Karen and James came to give another cat a home. Not to replace Merlin as this would never be possible but because there was another cat needing a home. This lucky cat was Jackson, Ivy didn’t welcome him in quite as graciously as Merlin welcomed her but she tolerates him. Jackson has now started going outside and uses the cat flap no problem. Ivy still hasn’t got the hang of it!

Beautiful Kitty was still waiting for a home when her previous owner contacted her to say that she knew a lady that would be perfect for her. We had a word with Betty the new prospective owner who had recently lost her cat and couldn’t wait to have Kitty move in with her. We arranged a home check and everything was just what we wanted for Kitty no other cats and a nice quiet loving environment. Betty couldn’t have wished for a nicer companion and Kitty
couldn’t have wished for a nicer home.

Next to leave us was Woody who went to join Matt and his family. Though a little worried when he got to his home Woody soon found where his food was and a nice lap to sleep on. Woody craves attention and we are certain he will get plenty with this family.

At the beginning of this year we were contacted by two of our supporters Pat and Tony. Though they lived on a busy road they wanted to give a home to two cats. As our policy is not to home on such roads, as it is with many other rescues, they had decided to have a run built on from their back door into their garden. This would give the cats the best of both worlds. When the work had been done we were asked to go along and inspect. What a professional job it was, just right to keep the cats safe but let them have a taste of the outside world. Pat and Tony didn’t mind which two cats they had but we decided that Freddie and Spice would be ideal for them. These two boys had spent much of their lives outside and had settled down very well into our pens, they were just happy to be warm and fed. Pat and Tony are delighted with these two boys and have renamed them Bob and Amos. They have settled down beautifully and made the house their own.

As everyone knows the end of February saw some terrible weather conditions. We were contacted about two cats in separate situations that were living out in the freezing cold conditions. We were only too pleased to bring these two in; one was a tortie we have called Tabitha, who is only a young girl, and the other we have named Thomas, who is slightly older. Thomas is tabby and white and is quite a shy boy whereas Tabitha is extremely friendly. Both are going in to be neutered as this newsletter goes to print.

We have also been joined by a very handsome young man called Simon. This poor boy had been thrown out on the street when his owners were evicted. Neighbours had taken him in but were unable to keep him. Simon is a very friendly boy and will be a delight to own.

We must not overlook Cassie who came into us just as our last newsletter went to print. Sadly Cassie’s owner had died and she was in need of somewhere to go. We have had to have a lot of dental work done on her to get her ready for a new home but she is now in perfect health and waiting for the perfect home. Cassie is a very friendly cat and would settle in to a home with older children quite happily.