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Cat News 09/03/2017

In our last newsletter we had just said goodbye to Charlotte’s kittens which meant that Charlotte herself was left now waiting for the right person to come along and give her a home. Sure enough Barbara came along and fell for her straight away. Charlotte is now very happy and settled in her new home and has put giving birth to litters of kittens behind her.

We now had Olivia and her four kittens to see too, they were getting bigger and would soon need more space. A lady had put her name on two of these kittens but changed her mind at the last minute due to work commitments. This put us in a bit of a difficult position as we now needed to separate them from Olivia to prepare her for being spayed. Fortunately Liz offered to foster the kittens for us short term and this gave us the breather we needed. This made life easier but we still had a lot on our plate.

We had accepted two big kittens that we called Heather and Albert from what was becoming quite a large colony in someone’s back garden. Along with Heather and Albert, we also took Lucy their Grandmother. The Stockport Cats Protection also took some of these cats and neutered them all. Had they been left to carry on they would have bred and bred causing more suffering for the poor cats.

Luckily all but one of Olivia’s kittens was homed from Liz. Bodhi Ray as Elsa called him was the first to go and though he was a little shy at first he has completely come out of his shell now. When Megan and her Mum came to see the older cats there was no doubt in their minds that they preferred a kitten when they went to on to meet them at Liz’s house. They picked the white and black little girl and called her Martha.

We received a phone call from a lady called Pat who was eager to get a kitten for her son’s partner’s birthday. This lady was under the impression that she could just collect the kitten and take it off as a birthday present. We explained that we didn’t work like that and that home checks must be done and we must meet the person we are homing with. Everything worked out in the end and Sophie was delighted with her present even though it wasn’t quite the surprise they had wanted for her. This little girl had now been called Ludo.

The last kitten came back to us for a short time before finding a home. Fairly quickly he went to live with Chloe and her family and has become a good friend of their dog Dexter. He is now called Angus and has made a handsome boy.

Sophie one of our volunteers asked if we could take a Mother and four kittens from a lady that was unable to take care of them. When Jasmine arrived with her litter we soon discovered that there were five kittens! Jasmine was very stressed out by her journey here and was quite nasty with her kittens, this was quite worrying but she eventually settled down when she realised that we weren’t going to hurt her or them. The kittens were now three weeks old and we once again had the task of finding a home for another litter.

During this time we had a phone call from Julie who had seen the kittens on Facebook and was keen to give two a home when they were old enough to leave their Mother. Julie came along to see them and her only concern was that she worked full time and that they would only be young when they left. We then showed her Heather and Albert who were five months old and much bigger. Also they had already been neutered and had their first vaccination. These two were like a couple of film stars and she fell for them immediately. They have now been renamed Molly and Arthur.

However all was not lost with Jasmine's kittens and we received plenty of enquiries about them. At nine weeks they had their first vaccinations and as they had been checked over by the vet were ready to go off to their new homes. They were all spoken for by this time all except for one whom Sarah who is now working in our cattery has taken home and called her Ivy.

Two went together and were called Bertie and Barley and at the time of homing the other two owners had not decided what names they wanted to give them. Having kittens around often makes it more difficult to home the adult cats. Fortunately we received a call from Marion who had sadly had to have her cat put to sleep and wanted to give a home to an adult cat. We weren’t surprised when she picked Lucy. It was a change for Lucy to live indoors as she had spent her life outdoors giving birth to kittens and raising them. How nice for her to now live in luxury.

Gismo and Lionel had been with us for quite some time and no one seemed to be interested in homing them. We couldn’t make out if it was because they were both longhaired. At last we received a message on Facebook from Vicky asking if her and her family could come and meet Gismo. As Gismo could be quite shy it was nice to see him take to the family instantly. Arrangements were made to take Gismo to his new home the following afternoon. The following morning we received a call from a couple wanting to come and look at the cats. When they came along we said that Gismo had a home to go to.

Lionel is a very charming boy and soon had them smitten with him. As they lived not far from where Gismo was going to live I arranged to take Lionel to them after I had taken Gismo to his new home. Gismo arrived at his new home with the cardboard box he had slept in at the cattery so that he had a little hiding hole if he needed it. It didn’t take him long to come round though and find his favourite spot on the settee.

Next, Lionel arrived at his new house as expected Lionel was very confident and was stretching and looking around the room. As always when we rehome a cat or kitten new owners are told that they must keep them in for at least a month. Longer if it’s a small kitten, all this was explained and understood.

On New Years Eve we received an email from Carol and Joe saying that Lionel must have some how managed to get out of the house. This was extremely worrying with all the fireworks that would be going off. By this time it was dark so there was no point in going looking for him then. The next morning and the day after posters were put up around the area and a search went on for Lionel. It seemed strange that there were no sightings plus he was wearing a collar and disc so if he approached anyone they would see it. It was like he had disappeared off the face of the earth!

Some days later the mystery was solved. We hadn’t found Lionel outside as he had been hiding under one of the kitchen units! He was discovered as he had crept out one night to use his litter tray! Alls well that ends well and everyone was so relieved. Lionel has now given up his hiding hole and has made himself very much at home.

We still had some lovely cats looking for homes and when Sue and Simon came along wanting to give a home to an adult cat they were spoilt for choice. When they mentioned that their other cat had been very shy when they got her we suggested that Olivia could be just the girl for them. Olivia who had been dumped outside the vets in a cardboard box three days before she gave birth to her kittens never put herself forward when people came to look. Olivia would sit shyly in her box. No one ever saw the friendly playful cat she really was. We felt Sue & Simon were just right for her. Thankfully they took our advice and though it took a little time Olivia has settled happily into her new home.

For a short time things went quiet, we had no calls to take in any cats and were able to catch our breath. Then we were asked to take in four seven week old kittens. A lady had taken their Mother in as a stray and was going to get her spayed but needed to get the kittens away from her. We collected these four little balls of black fluff and have to say that besides there being two boys and two girls they were identical! All of them were such delightful little characters though and were so friendly and inquisitive. When people came to see them it was difficult to choose but after agreeing that Amy wanted a female, Fiona would have a male and female all except one were ready for rehoming when they had been given their first vaccinations. Thankfully Jane and her family came along and after a visit to the vets they were all ready and waiting to go off to their new homes. Being such confident little kittens they have taken no time to settle in.

Next to leave us was Jasmine, mother of the five kittens we had re homed. Jasmine has gone to live with Tilly, a cat we rehomed with Val in 2015. Hopefully these two girls are going to get on and become good friends. Jasmine's pen did not stay empty for long. We were contacted by local vets who had taken in a cat on the very bad day when Storm Doris came to visit us.

Tyrion as they called him had been left behind when his owner moved. At the moment he is quite a shy boy but we are certain he will come round in time. And for the moment last to join us is Hattie. Along with her kittens, Hattie was being fed by one of our supporters. Fortunately they have kept two of her kittens though sadly for the moment one of them has disappeared. Hattie has now been spayed and will make someone a lovely friendly companion.

We ask a minimum donation of £50 for all our cats and kittens. For this they are fully vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped. If they are young kittens when they leave us they must be returned to our vets for the 2nd vaccination and neutering. We cannot stress the importance of neutering. If everyone got their cats neutered there would not be so many cats in this unfortunate situation.