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Cat News 06/11/2019

As August came to an end we had more people considering giving a home to a cat or a dog. Although we have some happier tales to tell we must start with some very sad news about Stan, a larger than life boy who had been with us for some time and was extremely fit and healthy. At the end of September for no apparent reason Stan took a turn for the worse and went off the food he loved so much and started to be sick. Stan was taken to the vets where blood tests were carried out and whilst we waited for the results he was given medication for his sickness.

However the next day he was certainly not getting any better and was admitted to the A & E Veterinary Hospital in the evening. His blood tests had now come back and we were informed that there was a problem with his kidneys. We left Stan with them agreeing that he must have whatever treatment was necessary. Sadly we received a phone call at 1:20am in the morning to say that there was no improvement in his conditions and the kindest thing would be to put him to sleep. With his best interests at heart we had to agree to this. It is still a mystery what caused this lovely boy to be taken away from us at such a young age. It is sad that he never found a home after being left behind by his owners when they moved. We are sure that he was happy here with us though as he spent many an hour chasing his toys around.

On a happier note, in October 2017 we re-homed Sox with a family in Glossop. After he had been with them just over a month we were told that he had gone out one morning and disappeared off the face of the earth. We advertised for him locally and checked all the Facebook pages in that area hoping that he would turn up somewhere. As the weeks went by we continued looking for him but were really giving up hope of finding him alive. Not a day went by that he didn’t pop into our thoughts thinking where are you Sox?

In August 2019 out of the blue we received a phone call from Marple Vets saying someone had taken a cat in that was chipped to us. Not for one minute did we think it would be Sox, but we were delighted to find out that it was him. He had turned up in a garden in Marple some weeks before. The family living there had realised that he was hungry and started to feed him. When he had got used to them they had managed to get him into a cat carrier and take him into the vets to be scanned. We couldn’t get to Marple quick enough to collect him and soon recognised his squeaky meow as we drove home with him. We rang Helen the lady who had taken Sox to the vets to thank her for helping him.

Luckily for Sox she had become quite attached to him and after hearing of his adventures offered to give him a home. As Sox had obviously decided this was where he wanted to be we were more than happy with this arrangement. As Helen and family were going away for a couple of weeks Sox stayed here with us until they returned. At the beginning of September Sox moved back into the home he had chosen for himself and has now made friends with the family dog. It just goes to show how important it is to microchip your pets, and that you should never give up hope if your pet goes missing.

As we now had a space we agreed to take in three kittens from a lady who needed to find homes for them so that she could get her cat spayed. We will only agree to take kittens from people if their mother is going to be spayed; we are wasting our time if the mother just goes on breeding more and more litters. This little family had only been with us a few days when the Englestone family came to see them. They were very keen to give a home to two of them, they did consider taking the three but sense prevailed and they thought if would not be a good idea to go from a house with no cats to three cats. Off went the brother and sister that were actually inseparable and we were glad to get them a home together. These two have now been named Mollie and Storm Trooper.

This left us with one little girl whom we named Eva, it was just over a week before Jean and Clive came along to see her. They were looking for a friend for their boy Benji, when the two of them met it could have gone either way as there was a bit of hissing and spitting. Fortunately this didn’t last for long and these two have become the greatest of pals.

Blackie had been with us for quite some time and people are often put off when cats are black. Also some people often consider seven years of age as too old as they often want young kittens. Tracy was not at all put off by age or colour when she came looking for a friend to keep her company. She took to Blackie's calm gentle manner straight away and was not disappointed when she got her back home living with her.

Besides the cats that live in the pens awaiting new homes we also have three Trusties here at Otterspool.

In saying that two of these Trusties are not to be trusted really. They are called George and Peppa better known as The Panthers as they are long black and sleek and resemble two panthers. Unfortunately these two boys are great hunters and work together to catch their prey. A few weeks ago this cunning pair managed to catch a baby squirrel. Fortunately we were around to hear its cries and managed to get it off them and into a cat carrier. As we are not experts on wildlife and could end up doing more harm than good we took it to Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital, in Knutsford, where they have the knowledge and expertise and were able to care for it.

The third and better behaved Trusty is Sox, (not to be confused with the Sox “the wanderer” whose story we told on earlier in this post), who has lived here for over ten years. This boy comes and goes as he pleases but has never allowed us to touch him. This has never been a problem until we noticed a swelling under his right eye. Obviously he had to go to the vets, getting him into the carrier was quite a job and took quite sometime. On arrival at the vets he was given an anaesthetic whilst the abscess he had was sorted out. Once back home he was under house arrest for a week until we were sure he was okay. This didn’t go down too well with him and he was delighted when he got his freedom back. It hasn’t caused him to leave home though so he must be happy here.

We still have some of our longer term residents waiting for the right person to come along. When Nala left us sometime ago we hoped that a home for her brother Simba would soon follow. Up to now Simba is still with us, this boy is so friendly and loving he would fit perfectly into a family.

Belle and Bob who have now been neutered have been here since they were kittens. These two are very friendly though Belle is a little more reserved than her brother. We are looking for a home where they can both be together.

Morag, who is in a foster home with Joy and Duncan, is quite a difficult cat. Though she has done quite well in her foster home, she has a lot of boundaries and needs a very understanding home.

Huskie also needs an experienced owner. This boy loves attention but is not always too pleased when it is taken away from him. We are sure that in the right home with someone that has time to spend with him he would make a great pal for someone.

Finally on the cat front, what can we say about the lovely Tiger? There is nothing but praise for this boy; he is loving, friendly and a joy to know. Unfortunately due to him being FIV positive, Tiger needs a home where he is the only cat and doesn’t go outside. Anyone giving a home to him would not be disappointed.

We ask a minimum donation of £60 for our cats, this includes vaccinations, neutering and micro chipping. As part of our re-homing procedure we make sure that they are 100% fit to go off to their new home. They are all vet checked before they leave us and we give a month's free insurance with Petplan. We strongly recommend that new owners take out their own insurance after the month is over. Vet bills these days can soon run into thousands of pounds, it is always a worry when your beloved pet is ill. At least if you have insurance you know that whatever they need can be afforded.

We do our very best to make sure that both the pets we re-home and their new owners are happy with the work
we do.