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Cat News 14/08/2018

In February we rehomed Freddie and Spice with Pat and Tony and felt confident that these two boys would be fine together in the lovely home we had found them as they had spent quite some time together in our cat pens here. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks Spice became very unsettled and was going for Freddie. He was taken to the vets and found to have cystitis probably brought about by stress. He was put on necessary medication and returned home. For a couple of weeks he was fine. Sadly after a couple of weeks the symptoms returned and Freddie was having a rough time of it being attacked. Spice returned to the vets and then came back to us here at Otterspool.

It would appear that though Spice had not minded sharing a cat pen with Freddie and even his food, he was not happy to share his new mum and dad with him. If Spice was in the room with them and Freddie came in he would get himself worked up into a real jealous state. Spice is now back with us and is looking for a home where he can be the only cat. He needs to be in a calm and peaceful environment.

As well as Spice we had also rehomed the lovely Jackson with Ivy, who had also come from Otterspool. Jackson settled in well and at first the two of them got on together. However once Jackson had got his feet under the table he started to bully Ivy making her life a misery. The two of them had to be kept separate in the house though if they happened to meet outside Jackson would let Ivy know who was boss. As the family are soon to move to a smaller home we all felt that to be fair to Ivy that Jackson would have to be returned to us. He is now back with us and wondering what he could possibly have done wrong! For his next home he needs to be the only cat. He is only young and is a very affectionate and loving boy with people.

We do have some happier stories though! Tabitha, a young female, came into us during the very bad weather we had earlier this year. She had been living outside in the snow and needed somewhere to go. When the Clarke family came along they were a bit spoilt for choice with all the lovely cats we had waiting for homes. In the end Tabitha won their hearts and after being neutered, vaccinated and chipped she went off to join her new family with one other cat and a dog whom we are pleased that she gets on really well with.

In November 2017 Cassie had come into us as her owner had sadly died. This lovely girl missed one or two homes, some because she was long haired and some because she was black and white. During her stay with us she had quite a lot of dental work done but other than that was in good health. Things worked out well for Cassie in May when Brenda who adopted two kittens from us 18 years ago came looking for a new friend. Cassie settled in like she had always lived there and is now a very spoilt girl.

When Sarah came to us looking for a cat she also was spoilt for choice with all the friendly cats that we had. Luckily, though he wasn’t at the front of the cage saying take me, Sheldon caught her eye. Sheldon was returned to us last November for being destructive in the house. From being a kitten he had been a house cat and it would appear that he had become bored being confined. Though Sheldon was fine with us here he was always very shy when strangers come to see him. This didn’t put Sarah off as she lived on her own and didn’t mind a timid cat. We assured her that once Sheldon got used to her he would be really friendly and loving. Sheldon’s life has now turned around where he is experiencing the great outdoors and has an owner who loves him.

Simon was next to leave us to join the Powell family he has now been renamed Pep. This family had for sometime enjoyed the company of a neighbour’s cat. When the neighbours moved away and took their cat with them they felt quite lost and decided to adopt a cat of their own. Simon has been with them since May and has made himself very much at home.

As always there is someone waiting for a space as one becomes available. Georgia, a lovely long-haired tortoiseshell and white girl who is 8 years old needed somewhere when her owner moved into accommodation that she could not take her to. Georgia would make someone who wanted company the perfect companion.

For sometime on and off we had a very handsome unneutered ginger tom cat visiting our cat pens. In order to find if he belonged to anyone we put a collar on him with a message and waited to see if anyone got in touch. We heard nothing for a while and our visitor disappeared. It must have been over a month later that a lady living locally came and asked us about him as he had been living in her garden and she had seen the collar on him. It was obvious that no owner was going to come forward for him so we had him taken into the vets to be neutered and start his vaccinations.

Happily Vicky whose garden he had been living in decided that they would like to give him a permanent home. We waited for his rather strong tom cat smell to die down before he went to live in the house with his new family that includes two other cats. He had a couple of names at first but now has settled as Hugo.

Jasmine who is four years old arrived next with her litter of four five week old kittens. These four bundles of energy kept Jasmine on her toes but it was no problem to her as this was not the first litter of kittens she had reared and was an expert at it. Happily this was the last litter she would have as she has now been spayed and gone off to a home with three of her kittens! We wouldn’t normally encourage anyone to take on such a large family all at once but the family they have gone to have previously had a cat from us and have been used to having more than one cat in the house. Recently they lost their last cat and decided to give a home to this family. The one remaining kitten has gone to join Katie and family who also have a cat Dennis from us and Sky a very cat-friendly dog.

Nala and Simba came all the way from Wales to be with us as their owner was moving to Stockport and the Landlord of the property she was moving into wanted £200 deposit per cat which she couldn’t afford. When they arrived Simba was like a wild animal, he was very stressed after his long journey and his new surroundings. It took him a few days to realise that no one was going to hurt him and like his sister he purrs away when you stroke him or speak to him. They are now eleven months old and we are looking for a home where they can stay together.

We must not forget the very handsome Thomas who made a space for Nala and Simba to come in. Georgia had seen Thomas on our Facebook page and felt he was the boy for her. Thomas has had some problems with his skin and as this was an existing condition we have paid to have it treated. We are happy to say that Thomas now seems to be responding to his treatment.

On the 7th July Sabine who had been brought into us as a stray presented us with three kittens. From her age we would assume this is her first litter and she is very proud of them. There are two black and one tabby like Sabine. To date we have homes for two of them when they are ready to go. Sabine herself has a home to go to with the people that found her when she had finished rearing her kittens and has been spayed.

Another very charming tabby girl we have is Evie who is 14 months old. Evie's family were moving house and as they were going to be living on a main road they did not want to put her at risk. We do have someone who is interested in her so hopefully she won’t be with us for too long though August is always a difficult month for homing as so many people are on holiday.

We always think that money spent on neutering is money very well spent. At the moment we have a six month old cat in who has been living in a garden with her sister. These cats are being fed but appear to have no owner. We have managed to trap one of them and neuter her, she will stay here to get over her operation then be returned to where she came from. We are hoping to trap her sister very soon as she has already had one litter of kittens that died as she was unable to care for them. The sooner we can trap her and get her neutered the better for her though she obviously doesn’t understand this. As she saw her sister go in there she is avoiding the trap at all costs!

Unfortunately it happens every year numerous amounts of litters of kittens are born as people fail to see the importance of getting their cats neutered. Some that go into rescue will be lucky and find homes where they will be neutered and cared for. Others will live miserable lives turning out litter after litter and living rough hunting for food to survive. This is an age old problem and is not getting any better in fact it is becoming much worse. Please let us know if you know of someone who has a cat that requires neutering we will always help.

Besides money spent on routine neutering and vaccinations we have recently had to have a lot of cat dental work done. There are very few cats over the age of three years old that do not need some sort of dental work. If a cat or dog has a home to go to we have them checked out at the vets to make sure they are fit and healthy. If it is picked up that they need anything doing including dental work it is done before they leave us. We raise the money to spend on the animals in our care, whatever they need they get.