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Fundraising News

As ever August brought the start of a few hectic weeks for us, which were actually not without a bit of drama with the weather and other events beyond our control plotting to work against us! We started with our annual Summer Fair which as usual was combined with a Fun Dog Show, held at Woodford Community Centre on Sunday 19th August. As the date approached we were certainly in a state of panic as despite all the glorious weather we have had this year the forecast for the day was not looking good and the chance of rain was a distinct possibility. However once these events are arranged, adverts placed in the local press and the venue paid for there is not much one can do except carry on regardless, so at 8.00 a.m. in the morning we were busily erecting the gazebos and setting out the fund raising stalls around the edge of the field. There was some early morning drizzle, but thankfully no heavy downpours, although the field was rather wet under foot. When we opened the gates the number of visitors arriving was fairly slow at first, it appeared that many people were leaving it to the last minute before deciding if the weather was going to hold, however as time went on more people did arrive although not in their usual numbers as the car park, which is normally full to capacity, was only about two thirds full by the time we were due to get the dog show underway. With the field being as it was, wet under foot, and despite the fact that the clouds did start to give way to some blue sky the decision was made to hold the dog show indoors. All in all it was a good day out for all those that attended and even though the numbers were down on previous years we were very pleased to have raised a total of £1073.00 on the day.

Just five weeks later we were again on our travels, this time for our Autumn Fair & Fun Dog Show on Sunday 23rd September at Bramhall Cricket Club, another of our now annual venues, although this year was slightly different and we were only given the thumbs up for the event to go ahead with less than a week to go. The problem was due to the fact that a few weeks prior to our event there had been some security issues at the cricket club in the guise of numerous vehicles gaining unauthorised access to the ground, once said vehicles had moved off the ground obviously the cricket club had to address the issue by installing a security barrier at the main gate in order to prevent any further uncontrolled vehicular access to the ground in the future. Understandably the cricket club did not want our event to proceed if the security barrier was not in place as this would have meant the main gate being wide open for all and sundry to access the ground. Fortunately for us the barrier arrived the week before our event and was installed at the start of the week leading up to the 23rd, so with a sigh of relief it was all systems go once more, although yet again it looked like the weather was not going to be doing us any favours! The weather forecast during the week leading up to the event seemed to be changing daily and with just a couple of days to go it was predicting heavy rain and thunderstorms on the day! We were beginning to think that this whole event must be jinxed after the fiasco with the security problems and with so little time left we needed to come up with a “Plan B” as once again adverts had been placed in the local press and the venue paid for so cancelling was not really an option. “Plan B” involved holding the fun dog show in a local indoor equine arena just a two minute walk away from the cricket club, but thankfully as things turned out we didn’t need to revert to this. Unbelievably on the morning of the event the sun was shining and the sky was blue albeit there was a cold wind blowing down from the hills. As mentioned above with the Summer Fair, it could clearly be seen from the number of parked cars that the turn out was down on previous years, however everybody that turned up really seemed to be enjoying themselves and we were very happy to raise the sum of £1028.72. To round the day off we were even lucky enough to get all the gazebos and fund raising stalls packed away and unloaded back at our lock up just before the heavens opened, so all in all, despite the various problems we had encountered, it was another successful event.