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Fundraising News

As another year end approaches so we wind down our fund raising events with now just the Xmas Fair to go. I think that some of us will be glad of a few weeks rest before things start to take off again in the Spring. That said there is still plenty of fund raising work goes on in our charity shop all year round so there is very little respite there for all our wonderful volunteers. Still before we get too carried away with all this talk of rest & relaxation we have a few things to report on.

Sunday August 18th saw us heading once again for Woodford Community Centre for our Summer Fair & Fun Dog
Show, unfortunately the weather in the preceding days had not been what we had hoped for in the middle of August and on the day itself there was a lot of cloud cover as we were setting up the gazebos and stalls in the early morning. As we approached opening time and still with one eye on those clouds, we were feeling a little more optimistic as the sun did keep trying to break through and some blue sky was starting to appear. The field was slightly wet underfoot, but this was down to the rainfall earlier in the week, so as more people started to arrive we were feeling happier that all the hard work had not been in vain. The car park was only about two thirds full, compared to previous years, by the time the Dog Show was due to start and the clouds were starting to reappear, however we managed to get through the itinerary at a fairly brisk pace and so avoided the rain that followed slightly later. All in all it had been another enjoyable day for all that turned out to support us and we were very pleased with a total amount of £1102.95 to boost our coffers.

As we mentioned in "A Thank You From Us", Jane and her husband Paul, who have helped run our Fun Dog Shows for several years now, have decided that the time has come for them to take a less active roll and this therefore was their last working show, although Jane is still helping us by collecting rosettes and who knows we may even talk her into returning as a guest judge at one of our future events. Thank you Jane & Paul for all your time and efforts over the past several years.

Some five weeks later and we were again heading for Woodford, but this time the venue was Bramhall Cricket Club and our final outdoor event of the year the Autumn Fair & Fun Dog Show on Sunday 22nd September. Much like the Summer Fair the weather in the preceding days had been dreadful and the forecast for the day was not much better. On the morning of the event we obviously had to be up early in order to get everything underway so you can imagine our disappointment when at 6:45am. the rain was pouring down and there were rolls of thunder accompanied by flashes of lightning! Still the venue was booked and adverts placed, but like they say “The show must go on”, so it was all systems go. We can assure you that it wasn’t much fun setting up the gazebos and stalls in that rain but around 9:30am. the rain did ease and we even saw some glimpses of sunshine trying to break through the clouds. By the time we opened at 11:30am the rain had stopped but only 2 or 3 cars had arrived, however by 12:00 noon there were more people arriving and as the weather seemed to have settled we decided to delay the start of the show by 15 minutes which did prove a wise decision as several more cars arrived at the last minute. Once again though the turn out wasn’t as good as previous years and we have to say thank you to everybody who did take the chance and brave the weather all of which helped us raise a fairly respectable £881.55.

Also during September we were the recipients of two completely unexpected donations. Firstly we were contacted by a firm of solicitors based in Manchester, Horwich Farrelly, who advised us that we had been nominated by one of their employees to receive a donation of £289.00, which was duly credited to our bank account. We have no idea who it was that nominated us, but it is obviously someone who knows of us and our work, so can we not only say thank you to the company but also to the unknown person for their nomination.

Secondly was a donation from a local veterinary organisation, Vetcare@Home, who as the name suggests operate a home visit veterinary practice in the High Peak area. The staff had spent a weekend at Hayfield Show manning a fund raising stall on our behalf and presented us with the proceeds of £285.00. May we say a big thank you to all involved.