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Alice Kitten's Story | Part 4

Well, Alice is now 2 years and 3 months. She is a very small cat with a very big personality and has far exceeded expectations of her long term future which in the early days looked quire bleak. She was diagnosed with rickets but didn’t respond to medication and was on increasingly high doses of Vitamin D and calcium.

Alice was having weekly blood tests, twice daily doses of Vitamin D and calcium carbonate and daily doses of lactulose to balance the effects of the calcium, all interspersed with x-rays and examinations. After months the first time her blood test showed her calcium levels to be within normal range was a day of celebration and she now has blood tests every four months and these remain constant. She still has Vitamin D but no calcium and is strong and very agile.

This amazing little girl hates my other cats, adores my dogs, is very playful and full of energy. She does not respond to her name, does respond very well to routine and is highly motivated by food! She still gets spooked by strangers, by snow and sudden movement and her neurological problem has faded almost into insignificance.

Twice now she has climbed onto my lap which is a real breakthrough. Alice will always be a house cat because she needs to be in a safe environment so if she does get spooked she cannot run away or hurt herself. She did get herself into the workings of my sofa which needed my granddaughter to crawl under to get her out – I now have a sofa she can’t get under!