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Rocky's Story | Part 6

Yorkshire Terrier Rocky is the elder statesman of my family. He has had a few health problems in the past few months and at one point was tested for Cushing’s syndrome which proved negative. His very large appetite was eventually put down to him simply liking his food and lots of it, in spite of having no teeth!

Rocky loves his walks always on lead as he is becoming increasingly deaf and will wander off. On two occasions he has been to the vets after tests and I have been summoned, shame faced, to collect him as he has made efforts to destroy the cage immediately on waking up from anaesthetic. He can be quite cantankerous in old age and bosses my daxi boys unless he is in the mood for play. Rocky completely ignores the cats, particularly Alice, as she likes to run around with the dogs and he is a bit scared of her! His health remains stable and he is enjoying a tranquil and spoiled life which we all hope will carry on for a long time.