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Fostering Update 15/08/17

Rocky, the yorkie has now been with me for 3 years. 4 lots of surgery and some troublesome skin and ear problems down the line and the old fellow is still going strong! This year he has had a small cyst removed from his eye and as with all his previous operations recovered in record time and I was summoned post haste to collect him before he tried to dig his way out of the crate! I do think that he is probably older than the age his previous owners son gave us, which was 10 in July 2014.

He is a really cheeky chappy and was probably loved by his owner until she could no longer care for him. He has a repertoire of tricks but is selective as to who he shows off for; when my neighbours stop to talk to my boys, Rocky just averts his head and says ‘lets get on with finding lots of things to sniff’.. He adores my daughter and she gets the full performance every time.

This cheeky chappy has certainly overcome many health problems and is only just starting to slow down. His eyesight is not good and he struggles with stairs, mainly going down, but still manages going up; thank heaven for stair gates.

Rocky keeps my daxi boys in line and still likes a rough and tumble with them but very much on his terms. He doesn’t like the cats, especially Alice, and completely ignores them. He is a wonderful little character and we all hope he will soldier on for many years to come.

Alice, the little grey cat is very active and agile and now has checkups only every 4 months. It is now sometime since she needed x-rays and she only has a vitamin D supplement daily and her calcium levels are consistently within the normal range.

Alice really dislikes my 3 old cats but loves my daxi boys and I am constantly amazed at how tolerant they are if her. Having said that I never takes risks with her and they are never left alone or with food. As ever this funny little cat functions best with routines and becomes very stressed with change. She can sometimes react badly to sudden movememt but noise doesn’t bother her and she also dislikes being picked up or held and it throws her off balance.

Alice likes playing with toys and has an excellent appetite and loves treats. Her life as a house cat may have certain restrictions but she has a good quality of life and has made so much progress since the days when her future looked bleak and she was the tiny kitten with the wobbly head.