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Alice's Story | Part 6

Little Alice is getting curiouser and curiouser rather like her namesake, and recently caused me to have palpitations and a sit down with a strong cup of tea! Alice has to be a house cat because her neurological problem causes her to have occasional erratic behaviours when she gets spooked, which can be a loud noise or sudden movement. She doesn't respond to her name so has access to my kitchen and conservatory and is very calm when my 3 dogs are around.

I have a very annoying tilt and slide back door and am very careful to ensure that Alice cannot go out - or usually anyway! Last week I fed the dogs as usual then let them into the garden and was getting my tea when I suddenly thought “where's Alice”. I opened the back door to let the boys in and in they came, three little dogs and one small grey cat! I now have a post it sticker on the back door in big letters - MIND ALICE.