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Frankie's Story

I first saw Frankie when he came into Otterspool kennels approximately 9 years ago. I was a dog walking volunteer for the charity and had walked many dogs over the years. All were lovely dogs but Frankie stood out and I was greatly drawn to him from the start. He is a Staffie cross not sure what with but after studying his physique and personality I think it is probably Labrador.

Dogs came into the kennels and went to good homes but Frankie remained there for a long time with no takers. He had issues but the good far outweighed them. My 2 lovely cats Spud and Hughie passed away and shortly afterwards I gave up work. I thought 'I can take Frankie home for 2 days a week to give him a break', well the two days ended up 3 days and the 3 days into 4 days and so on. In the end it was make your mind up time and I decided to fully commit myself and take him on full time. I have not regretted this decision. He is a huge part of my life now. He has given me such joy, laughter and unconditional love. All the walking I have done over the time I have had him has kept me trim, I highly recommend it, better than any diet! The issues he had went in time, he is such a settled dog now.

Love, care and security have made all the difference to him. He will be coming with me to a cottage in Anglesey at the end of October for 'his' holiday. He will be free to run on the beach and swim and of course he mustn't forget his bucket and spade. Although he is getting on in years he still has a sense of adventure and still loves to play. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful dog!. I highly recommend giving a rescue dog a home, with a little effort they can make great pets.

Audrey Rodriguez