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Shannon's Story

We took Shannon on late last year after taking her for weekly walks for several months. She is such a powerful and determined dog that we knew we'd have our hands full, but what we didn't expect was to see such a loving side to her straight away. The bond with her grew very quickly and we soon realised what an absolute 'softy' she could be!

When we first brought her home she would almost knock us off our feet when we came in from shopping, etc., but within a few weeks she settled down and now she's content to wag her tail enthusiastically and enjoy lots of fuss from us. However, she's still over-enthusiastic when visitors come and wants to jump up madly and lick their faces - We're still working on calming down that behaviour! She's already much calmer when our 3 year old grandson arrives, which was something we'd been concerned about. Shannon didn't cope at all well with other dogs when we first met her but she has grown more tolerant and relaxed. We expect her to improve further as she continues to encounter other dogs on her daily walk.

She is now looking forward to her first holiday with us on Anglesey. We don't know if she's ever been on a beach before but what we do know is that she absolutely loves sunbathing! When we had the warm weather in February we could hardly get her away from the suntrap in the corner of our garden!

She's showing all the signs that she's happy and content in her 'forever home' and we love having her as part of the family.