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Morag's Story

Morag first came to us she had recently lost her best friend whom was an older gentleman that has passed away. We related as we had recently lost our beloved fur baby. At first she was very shy and stayed hidden behind the
dryer and many other hiding spots that we didn’t even know existed in our house. She was coming out at night when we weren’t around as we could hear racing around upstairs and playing. Over the last few months since we began fostering Morag her true nature has come out .With lots of love, understanding and positive reinforcement she has flourished into a more confident, inquisitive, energetic and loving kitty cat. She is a true gem. She brings a smile to our face every day with her friendly nature, adorable chirps and mad kitten runs around the house.

She loves to spend time with both of us. She always wants to be involved with whatever we are doing. She follows us around the house with her tail high in the air while meowing. She has become very talkative especially when she thinks a treat may be on offer. She loves rubbing up against us and then rolling on her back for the occasional belly rub, and approaching us for a stroke all over. Especially a rub on the side of her face. She is the first cat we’ve encountered that likes to give little kisses. She purrs most of the day.

Although she is 5 years old she still has the energy of a kitten and loves to play a lot! Sometimes she runs into the room and starts jumping in to the air to catch imaginary pray and then zips back out. Other activities she enjoys are
watching the birds and world outside, sitting on laps and sneaking a snooze on the bed when no one’s looking. As much as she enjoys attention and company she does have times when she would like some alone time.

She is nervous of strangers so needs to have the option of being able to hide when someone new enters the house. She needs someone who is understanding of this and will go at her pace while offering a warm and loving environment. She is best suited for a quiet home without children.